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Parktowne Laundries in Madison, Wisconsin

Parktowne Laundries is a coin laundry business offering top-quality laundry services. With more than 37 years of experience, our business is run with pride and excellence, which allows you to clean your clothes in superior facilities.


Open 7 days a week for your convenience, we offer triple-load front-loading washing machines. There are two change machines per location and all our stores are cleaned daily to maintain a high standard of service.

Saving You Money!!
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Front Loading Washers

Our large machines are perfect for comforters, sleeping bags, and large loads. They allow you to wash all your clothes at once, saving you money! We offer 3 sizes of front load washing machines!
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Washer Prices

  • Single Load—$1.50 per Load
  • 25 lb.—$3.00 per Load
  • 35 lb.—$3.75 per Load
  • 60 lb.—$4.75 per Load

Proudly Serving

  • Dane County | Madison
  • Sun Prairie
  • All Locations

Hours Of Operation:

Monday through Sunday - 7am to 10pm